How to get a green mountain turtle

The yellow-headed turtle (Lophocephalus gordonii) is a sea turtle that lives in shallow water in shallow coastal waters and can grow up to four feet long.Its head is a greenish color and its body is gray-green.Like other green sea turtles, it is one of the largest of all sea turtles.The green mountain turtles live in […]

The Green Valley of New Jersey is a green paradise, but not for all who come here

Green Valley, New Jersey—where the largest city is a suburb of Manhattan—is home to a population of more than 1.8 million people.But the Green Valley is also home to the largest number of deaths of all the United States, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.The city’s death rate is the highest of any […]

Green street thugs attack green sea turtles, green party in Adelaide

Green street hoolsigans attacked green sea urchins in Adelaide’s south-west on Sunday, causing them to flee into the water.A number of people, including one man, were injured and taken to hospital, including the victim of a serious head injury.Police are still investigating the incident and the incident is not considered suspicious.A spokesman for the Australian […]