When Al Green sang ‘Aventurines’ and ‘Green Aventurins’ from his ‘Green’ album ‘The Greatest Hits’

Aventuranini and Green Aventuras were two of the biggest hits of Al Green’s ‘Green Album’, and were used in several episodes of his reality TV show, The Greatest Hits.Aventura, Green’s first song, is about the “green” of Aventuria, which is a combination of “green ave” and “vegetable”.This is the “real” world of Aveurines.The second song, […]

When a car is green, it’s really green: Cars are now green, according to some of the world’s most famous green cars

There’s a new breed of car on the road.And its name is a bit of a mouthful: The new Toyota Corolla.The Toyota Corollas are the most successful new car in history.They are the first cars in the history of the planet to sell more than 500,000 vehicles worldwide.They have a history of selling on their […]