How to tell if your doctor has treated you with the flu

The flu is not a good flu shot, especially when it comes to seniors.It’s an incredibly effective vaccine, but it’s also one of the most dangerous.In fact, the flu shot can cause serious complications, including pneumonia and death, in people with underlying medical conditions.But the good news is that there are some simple ways to […]

Green Tea & Green Walls: Noah Shannon Green, Green Wallpaper, Green Tea (Photo)

Posted November 02, 2018 07:10:42 Noah Shannon’s green tea & green wallpaper are the perfect gift for those who are looking to have a fun, healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.His green wallpaper is an inspiration for those looking for something to decorate their living room, as well as a great way to create a healthy and […]

How to get green cards for green-card lottery winners

Green card lottery winners are eligible for permanent residency under the new rules set to go into effect in January, and they’ll need a passport to gain it.Here’s a primer to help you navigate the new process, and to help make sure you get what you want:If you’re eligible to enter the lottery, you must […]

How to turn your office into a space where poop is a regular occurrence

When you’re looking for a place to hang out or have a little chat, don’t forget about the poo, a.k.a.“dark green.”You might have heard of it before.It’s an incredibly common sight in offices around the world, according to the British National Archives, and it’s actually actually one of the most common bacteria in office settings.There […]