Obama’s Green Kitchen Is Coming to America

The president is expected to unveil a new green kitchen at the White House, the first of many he plans to implement throughout his first year in office.

But that kitchen is unlikely to be a large one, given the difficulty of building and maintaining a green home.

Rather, it will be a smaller green room, said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

It will likely be small and feature a green screen for cooking, he added.

Obama’s first green kitchen will not be a huge kitchen, said Joe Wertheimer, a professor at the George Washington University who specializes in energy policy.

It’s probably going to be an indoor green room.

He said Obama may choose to use a green room for cooking rather than a large kitchen, because it will have more space for staff and less energy needed to maintain it.

He noted that the president has not yet finalized a design for the new green space.

Earnest said the White Houses budget office is in the process of reviewing the costs of implementing the green kitchen.

Obama will also be working to expand the use of solar energy.

He has already announced plans to install the world’s largest solar array in the White Palace and has promised to install 100 gigawatts of solar power by 2020.

Obama has said he wants to use solar panels to power his home, but solar panels are expensive and are only available in the U.S. The White House is also planning to expand solar energy in other ways.

Last year, the Obama administration said it will purchase $300 million worth of rooftop solar panels from private companies, including from solar developer First Solar.

It is also looking at the sale of about $400 million worth.

Obama said that he will use solar power for the power needed to power the Whitehouse, but he said he does not expect that solar panels will replace his traditional home batteries.

Earnst said that while the president is working on a green kitchen he has not decided what it will look like yet.

Earnth said the president plans to have it be an outdoor green room with “a few green walls, a few green tables, a little green bench.”

Obama has also ordered the administration to develop a “green grid” to use electricity from renewable sources, such as solar panels, to power buildings.

He will unveil the green grid plan on Jan. 28.

This article originally appeared on National Review.