‘Green Nails’ is a new game about nails in the future

In next year’s ‘Green Papers’, a game about nail-polish artists, we’re going to see a new way of writing the stories that inspire and inform our world.

The game, ‘Green Eyes’ (published by The Game Factory) will tell the story of a young girl who is obsessed with the story behind her parents’ disappearance.

It will follow the journey of a series of clues that lead to a man’s death and her discovery of his identity.

This new story about nails is one of many projects we’re working on, and one of the reasons we’re excited about the release of ‘Green Eye’.

We’re excited to share more details on ‘Green Feet’, which is also part of The Game Store’s ‘New Indie Games’ initiative.

We’re proud to be part of the New Indie Games team, which helps to create and nurture new games by helping to create a community of passionate indie developers around the world.

We’re thrilled to work with The Game Company to create new indie games, and we’re confident in The Game’s mission to provide an engaging, high quality platform for creators to reach their audience and reach new audiences.

Green Eyes will launch in the UK in September.