How to avoid being killed by grease monkey: This guide to how to get the best chances

Here are the steps to surviving a grease monkey attack.1.

Be aware of the dangers of being in close proximity to a grease source.2.

Do not approach or approach the grease source if you are not in a hurry or have no other options.3.

Keep your eyes on the source.4.

Make sure to wear a mask.5.

Take a long walk away from the grease monkey.6.

If you encounter a grease monster, take a picture of the monster.7.

Do NOT get close to the grease monster.8.

Do your best to keep your distance from the monster if you can.9.

When you get near the monster, do not touch it.10.

If the monster tries to eat you, hold onto the monster by its head.11.

If your face starts to hurt, grab your hands or your face to protect your eyes from the blood.12.

Do as many things as you can to keep yourself and the source of the grease away from each other.