How does a girl who is always on her phone?

When you are on the go, you may not notice that your smartphone is being used to check the weather, your fitness level or your mood.

But, the way it functions is different for every girl.

In fact, it can make it hard for her to focus on her work, says Sanjay Jha, a senior scientist with the Institute of Cellular Biology, Bangalore.

“A girl’s ability to concentrate is impacted by her smartphone, and the more time she spends on her mobile, the more she has to do.”

In this study, Jha and his colleagues at the Institute for Cellular Biology and Technology (ICBT) in Bengaluru used data from the Indian National Mobile Application (IMAP) database to study the way girls use their phones.

Using a smartphone app, they analysed the way boys and girls used their phones to access different apps, check social media feeds and make phone calls.

They also studied the patterns of how girls use phones to communicate.

Their findings were published in the online journal PLoS ONE.

While most girls use social media to check their weather and their fitness, most of them also check their emails, check the news and social media sites, like WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

This may be a good reason why they are more likely to get distracted by their phone when they are busy, Jhaskar said.

The study also looked at the way different apps and services like WhatsApp and Facebook are used by girls and boys.

Girls are also more likely than boys to access their personal profiles through WhatsApp, the study found.

And the study shows that girls’ usage of the app is significantly higher than boys’ usage.

“We found that girls use WhatsApp more than boys do,” Jha said.

This is in line with a common perception among girls and young women that their apps are less useful than their male counterparts.

“The difference is that boys are not using WhatsApp more often than girls,” he said.

“In fact, the ratio of WhatsApp use to use of all social media apps has gone down in India.”

A similar phenomenon is seen in the way people use their smartphones, Jhashe said.

He said the findings show that while it is important to encourage girls to get into science, they need to take a more proactive role.

“If we don’t encourage girls in science, we will not be able to get them into the fields they need,” he warned. 

The research also found that boys and boys were equally likely to use their devices to check whether their school is open or closed.

The same trend was seen for girls.

“Girls have more access to social media and more access on their phones,” Jhasse said.

The researchers also looked into the way women use the app Whatsapp, which is available in more than 100 countries.

They found that it is a good indicator for women to get an accurate assessment of their fitness levels and how well they are doing.

“It is also a good tool for young girls to find out how their fitness is, which can be a powerful tool to motivate them to do better,” Jhasees said.


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