Green River College and the dark green ‘Grease Gun’ controversy

Green River, ON — The university’s Green River campus is in a state of flux after a video surfaced of an off-duty police officer using a gaffer’s tape to create a greased gun.

The university says the incident was not racially motivated and that the officer has been placed on administrative leave.

The campus is a community of roughly 100 students and teachers, and is the largest in the province of Ontario.

The video shows an off duty police officer working with a greaser.

The Grease Gun video was shot by a bystander and was posted on YouTube.

In a statement, Green River Vice-President of Community Engagement Chris Smith said the university had been made aware of the incident and was investigating.

“The university is taking the incident seriously and will be engaging with our community to ensure the right and proper handling of this matter,” he said.

On Monday, the University of Guelph released a statement saying that the university has taken swift action to protect students and staff and the community, and that it has “zero tolerance” for the use of violence or threats of violence in the workplace.

Smith also said that the University is taking steps to “promote and promote respectful and productive interactions” and has hired additional police officers to patrol the campus.

A university spokesman said he could not say whether any disciplinary action will be taken against the officer involved.

Green River College said it is working with the GuelPH to ensure that all students, staff and faculty are able to continue their academic lives.

An internal investigation has been launched into the incident, said the spokesperson.

Police are investigating the matter and the matter is being referred to the GuELPH.