Google has acquired Green Potato startup for $400m

Google is reportedly buying Green Potato, a startup that makes green potatoes in an industrial kitchen, for $450m.

The acquisition comes after Google purchased a majority stake in Green Potato in 2014 for $2.8 billion.

The news comes just a week after a Chinese search giant, Baidu, bought out Green Potato for $350m, making Green Potato one of the biggest acquisitions in the Chinese search engine’s history.

The acquisition of Green Potato follows a year-long period of high-profile Google acquisition announcements.

In November 2016, Google purchased the digital advertising business for $1.5bn.

A month later, it bought the video-sharing service Vimeo for $858m.

In December, it purchased the mobile gaming platform Candy Crush for $500m.

Earlier this year, Google bought the digital search and advertising platform Yandex for $360m.