When a car is green, it’s really green: Cars are now green, according to some of the world’s most famous green cars

There’s a new breed of car on the road.

And its name is a bit of a mouthful: The new Toyota Corolla.

The Toyota Corollas are the most successful new car in history.

They are the first cars in the history of the planet to sell more than 500,000 vehicles worldwide.

They have a history of selling on their own terms.

They’ve won three consecutive top-five bestseller lists, with sales topping 200,000 in the US and the UK.

But in recent years, Toyota has begun to see their reputation for reliability and safety begin to crumble.

In the past five years, Corollans have been involved in more than 300 fatal accidents, and at least 11 of them have been attributed to human error.

The company has been forced to address some of these issues, and the latest issue is the Corolla’s ability to operate on the most treacherous roads in the world.

That’s something that Corolla owners don’t like to hear, but they should.

“They’ve been around for years, they’ve been in production for decades,” said Bill Smith, who runs the Toyota Coronas website.

“So we know what they’re capable of, and we have a number of options that are designed to reduce their impact on our roadways.

We know they can operate on wet and snowy roads, as well as on gravel and sand.

So, we have several ways to improve their performance, and some of them are actually quite advanced technology.”

For those who have owned Corolla for more than a decade, they’ll recognize some of those advancements.

The new model has a higher fuel efficiency than its predecessors, for example, and a more fuel-efficient electric motor that delivers better torque.

But for the average driver, there are some minor changes that make a big difference.

“We are now going to be able to accelerate on wet roads, so there’s going to a more comfortable ride, we’re going to have better acceleration,” Smith said.

“There’s going be a wider wheelbase, there’s a wider tire footprint, and there’s better braking performance.”

The new Corolla also has more torque, more power and better acceleration.

And while the original model was designed to be used on the highway, the new Corolla can be driven on the open road.

“The biggest advantage of the new model is that we can drive it on wet pavement,” Smith told Polygon.

“It’s more responsive, it has more grip.

It’s much more comfortable to drive on wet pavements.”

Smith said the Corollases are also equipped with sensors that allow them to track more accurately what’s going on in the road ahead.

“It’s also got a cruise control, which can be used to turn the car off if it’s too far from a road,” he said.

That’s one of the most important things to remember when buying a Corolla, because a car that doesn’t have a cruise-control feature can also be very slow and prone to running into other cars or other objects.

And the new generation of Corollias have also got some important new features that are expected to make them more reliable and safer to drive than the older models.

“With the new cars, we’ve gone from a manual transmission to a three-speed automatic transmission,” Smith added.

“That is going to mean that the car is going faster, and that means we’re also going to get better fuel economy.

So we’re looking forward to the fact that you can drive the Coronias on a wet road.”

In terms of safety, the Corondas have been rated to be safer than the Toyota Priuses.

They were first tested in a 2013 accident where a teenage driver ran over and killed three people.

That accident was a huge embarrassment to Toyota, which had been praised for its safety record for years.

Now the company is taking a look at other types of crash scenarios, and it has some new technology that it hopes will make Corolla drivers safer.

“When you’re talking about crash testing, you’ve got to be very mindful of all of the variables, and they’re really very small,” Smith explained.

“You can drive them in the rain, and then you’ve just got to make sure you’re not going to run over a tree or something that’s really fragile or really hard.”

The Toyota and Toyota Corondases have also been involved with accidents that have killed people.

But that’s just one aspect of the Coriolas’ safety record.

They also have some of America’s worst traffic, as they are also prone to crashes that are fatal.

“As you can imagine, the worst accidents we’ve seen have been accidents that were just completely random,” Smith pointed out.

“Like a guy who was in his truck in a snowstorm, and he hit his car and died.