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Green Day is back and more in style.

The band’s third studio album is out this week, and it’s available on Spotify and Apple Music.

We’ve already covered its songs, but we wanted to dive deeper into the album’s subject matter, its lyrics, and the music video, “Green Day.”

So we turned to The New York Times’ Scott Sosin to get his take on the band’s latest, “I’m A Green Day Band Member.”

Scott: I was really impressed with how quickly the album turned out.

It’s the first time in our entire careers that we’ve really hit the ground running and I think we’ve come to a place where we feel like we’ve finally come up with a cohesive song.

But at the same time, there’s so much stuff to work on, so I’m sure we’ll be writing a bunch more songs for the album.

We all started off with the first single, “The Green Day Song.”

I had a blast writing that song.

It was so catchy and energetic and had such a positive vibe to it.

We were like, “We gotta do this song!”

I think that’s what everyone was really looking forward to.

Then, we got to the second single, which was “Green Man.”

It’s just such a different song, but it had a really strong emotional connection to it, and we really wanted to do it.

Then we got back to the third single, called “I Am A Green B. Free.”

That was the song that really stuck with us.

It just felt like we needed to do that one.

We thought, “That’s a really great song, we can do it.”

And we did.

The song has such a rich feel to it and has such an interesting melody to it that it just came together really well.

I think it’s so refreshing to be able to get back into this new realm of the band again, because I feel like it’s a new beginning for us, so we really want to make sure we do it right.

Scott: I think the album is about so much more than just being a band.

It really has more to do with just trying to live a life, but also making art and writing songs, which we did on the album, and I feel that it really shows that the band is still very much alive.

Scott Sysin is The New Yorker’s music critic.


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