Green shades for the day: How to wear green on the go

GREEN SHADES FOR THE DAY This green is great for all types of day wear.

Its also a great choice for the weekend.

What to wear Green shades: – Green glasses – Green boots – Blue jeans – Pink blazers – Pink earrings – Green socks – Green trousers – Green shoes – Green pants and socks – White shirts and trousers – Blue shirts and pants – Pink shirts and trunks – Green tees – Green trainers – Green hoodies – Green hats and accessories – Green wristbands What to avoid: – Too much white in your colours What to buy: – A pair of shoes that match the colour scheme – A black belt or jacket – A small purse with pockets for cash What to keep: – One of these for every occasion.

They make great gifts! 

– A few of these are perfect for a wedding or special occasion.

What you need: Green shades, green glasses, green boots, blue jeans, pink blazERS Green shades are an easy way to wear different shades in different ways, depending on what you are doing.

They are perfect when you want to look different from what you normally wear.

For example, if you are on the road, you could wear your normal green shades and be able to blend in.

For a casual, relaxed look, wear the same shades you normally would.

How to wear the green shades Green shades can be found at a number of different retailers.

Here’s a list of retailers where you can buy them.

Bath & Body Works: £5.99, Macy’s: £14.99 (UK only), Shopbop: £20.99(UK and US only),


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