‘Green Lantern’ Comic Book Series Gets Its Own Movie – EW

Posted October 11, 2018 09:25:24Green Lantern: Darkseid’s reign of terror in the DC Universe continues in the upcoming Green Lantern movie, with the DC Entertainment Motion Picture Group (DMPG) confirming that the highly anticipated feature will see the iconic Green Lantern team up with DC Comics superhero team The Flash to face a mysterious entity that could turn them into living weapons.DMPg shared a teaser of the upcoming DC Movie Universe: Green Lantern: War with Entertainment Weekly, stating that the film will be set during the Green Lantern Corps War.

“The Green Lanterns are on a mission to save the world from an alien invasion, and they will not be defeated by their own enemies, but will come to the aid of the planet’s heroes and villains, including a group of Green Lantern and Flash villains,” the teaser reads.

“While we’ve heard the question, ‘Who’s the villain?’ and ‘Who is the Green?’ has been asked a million times, we’ve never had an answer.”DMP’s tweet also confirms that the upcoming film will not feature the same cast as the Green Arrow: War film, as well as the return of Michael Rowe, who was recently replaced by Tim Drake.

“With the departure of Michael, we have been able to bring back Tim Drake as one of our Green Lantern villains.

We have been lucky enough to get him to join the cast of this film,” DMPg added.

While DMPG has previously hinted that a Green Lantern film was in the works, there was never any word about the franchise’s next project.

The film would have been a DC Extended Universe film, which would have introduced new characters and storylines, but no official announcement was made until today.

The DMPE also stated that there were no plans to bring the Green Ranger or the Green Power Rangers to the big screen.

However, the teaser was enough to give fans hope that we might see a Green Arrow/Power Rangers movie in the future.

The series is currently in a transitional phase, and has been plagued by issues with scheduling and budget.

It is unclear whether a Green Ranger/Power Ranger film is still in development, but with Warner Bros. having a green light to greenlight a new DC Extended Series film, it would be surprising if a Green/Power/Rangers film was not in the cards at some point.

The DMP has also teased that the team will be back in action in 2020’s DC Extended Cinematic Universe.

“In 2020, we’re bringing our Green Power/Green Lanterns back into action in an epic new story with an entirely new cast and team of Green heroes and allies.

This is our story, our origin story, and we can’t wait to tell it,” DMDG said.

The teaser also included a tease of what the DC Films team might be up to in the 2020s.

“A big part of what we’ve been working on over the last several years is going to be a new iteration of the DC Extended universe, bringing all the DC characters to the screen and making them part of the shared universe,” the DMP explained.

“This is something we’re very excited about and we look forward to showing it to you all.”

Green Lantern will open on November 17, 2020, followed by the DC Comics movie Green Lantern in 2021.


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