Grease 2 casting news: Mark Wahlberg is set to star in ‘Green Eggs and Ham’

Grease sequel, Grease 3, has a green egg story to tell, according to the latest casting news.

Grease’s Mark Waisberg is slated to play a Green Eggs and Hams co-owner, and the movie will be directed by Ryan Gosling.

Greases latest sequel, Green Eggs & Ham, is scheduled to hit theaters on July 11, 2018.

Here’s what you need to know about Greases newest film.

Green Eggs, Ham, and More Greases first two films featured two young women, who were separated when their mother passed away.

But in Greases third film, the film will feature two more young women.

“We have a green-eyed green woman named Jill who will be an egg, and a little green egg who will become a man.

It’s just the first two chapters in the story,” director Paul Wernick told Entertainment Weekly.

“It’s a story that I wanted to tell with my kids, and I wanted my kids to know.”

Wahlburg is known for his role as Gary Cooper in The Matrix trilogy.

In the third film in the trilogy, Wahlburders son Kevin, played by Michael K. Williams, is the first Green Eggs to arrive on the scene.

“Kevin is a real person, not just an egg that comes to life,” Wahlwell told EW.

“And I want Kevin to know that there are other eggs and he’s not alone.”

Waisgers first film, Greases 3, starred Ryan Goslings daughter, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and she also stars in the film.

Wahlbgurders first film was based on a graphic novel by Wahlbeck, who has since become a director and producer.

In Greases sequel, Goslings grandson, Jaden Smith, will be a Green Egg, but will not be his grandfather.

“The first one was a lot of fun to write,” Waiserman said.

“He was an amazing actor, and he did a great job of creating a sense of wonder and excitement in the audience.”

The Grease series is currently in its fifth season on Fox.

Greasers first film starred Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner, and Emma Stone.

Greased 3 is set for release on July 21, 2018, with the release date set for July 14, 2019.

Greases latest film, Green eggs, ham, and more, will hit theaters July 11.

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