Which Italian players will get the most money?

It’s no secret that Milan’s Silvio Berlusconi is a very good businessman.

But does his financial largesse make up for the fact that his players are underpaid?

According to Forbes, Milan’s Milanese players are being paid about a quarter of what they are being offered by Serie A sides such as Roma, Inter, Udinese and Lazio.

According to the magazine, Berluscans salary cap of €8.2 million per year is not enough to support his players, especially when they are receiving a hefty salary hike from the club.

In addition to the salary cap, the magazine found that Berlusconis players are also being paid a total of €1.7 million a season to cover injury costs, which translates to an average of €3.8 million per player per year.

Italia has the highest salaries in Serie A and it is no wonder why it is being talked about as a possible transfer destination for Milan.

The Rossoneri have been linked to several top-flight clubs, including Real Madrid, Chelsea and Arsenal.