Which Irish city should I move to?

Dublin city council has voted to relocate some of its 5,000 residents to a new suburb in an attempt to prevent further crime in the city.

The council says it will be responsible for housing and social care.

It is the first time the city has moved its residents from one place to another.

The move comes after a rise in crimes, particularly the crime of violence against women.

The majority of the population in the new area will be women. 

The move comes as Dublin City Council has warned that the crime rate in Dublin is going to rise.

Last year, a total of 756 offences were recorded in the area of the city centre and the capital, which includes the city’s main shopping area. 

Councilor Paul Murphy said: “We are not going to put people in danger, but we have to protect the vulnerable and the vulnerable in the communities that we live in.”

The move has not been popular with some residents, with one saying: “I don’t think they will be happy with it.” 

The new suburb is expected to be much smaller than the area around the city, with a total population of about 10,000 people.

It will include a community centre, a school, a new playground, a park and a swimming pool. 

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