What you need to know about Rachel Green’s lawsuit against Gawker

A lawsuit filed by former Playboy model and Playboy Playmate Rachel Greens has been dismissed in Florida.

The lawsuit filed on Friday by Green’s attorney says the former Playboy Playmates lawsuit, filed last year, was dismissed by Florida’s Court of Appeal last month, which ruled that the former model was not a party to the lawsuit.

Green, a former Playboy playmate, sued Gawker Media, former editor-in-chief Max Read, former Senior Editor David Gennaro and former publisher Matt Zoller Seitz for defamation.

The suit alleged the companies violated her privacy and invasion of privacy by publishing her nude photos and videos without her consent.

It was filed in August and filed by Florida attorney Matthew Schoettler.

He said the case was dismissed in September because of the judge’s rulings.

The judge has yet to rule on the suit.