What is a Green Dot?

A green dot is an extremely rare and valuable piece of artwork.

It is made by applying a special coating to a sheet of paper, and then gluing it to the paper. 

It is so valuable, in fact, that many people believe it is the real deal. 

Some people are even willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a green dot. 

There are a few different ways to make a green Dot, depending on what you want it to look like. 

First, you can try to use some cheap, disposable plastic or a cardboard box. 

Then, you will want to apply a special kind of paint, like a special, expensive paint. 

Finally, you could try to do it by hand. 

The painting process is quite labor intensive, and you need to use a large amount of paint to complete the project. 

You can see in the picture above how the paper and the paint are applied. 

In order to apply the paint, you have to start by applying the coating to the green dot, then add a few drops of paint onto the green Dot. 

After that, you should be able to get a fairly good color by applying some of the paint to the surface. 

How do I apply a green paint to a green paper dot? 

There is no need to wait for the paint on the green paper to dry before applying the paint.

It will just take a few seconds to apply it to a paper dot.

You can also use a paint brush or a brush with a small amount of liquid paint.

You could also use an aerosol can, which is also a great way to apply paint.

How do you remove a green marker? 

First you need some clear tape. 

Use a very thin strip of tape to apply some paint onto a green ink dot.

You can use a small bit of tape if you want to keep it a little cleaner. 

If you are using a paintbrush, use a very fine brush. 

I prefer using a water bottle as a marker, as it will keep the paint a little closer to the ink dot when you spray paint. 

 How long will it take to dry a green pen? 

You should be done painting a green color on a piece of paper by the time it is dry. 

So, if you are going to apply green paint on your piece of green paper, you need at least 30 minutes. 

Do I have to wait until the paint is dry to apply my green dot?


You don’t have to do this at all.

If you have a green pad, you don’t need to do anything to it, either. 

But if you don�t have a pad, it is probably a good idea to wait at least 10 minutes after applying the green paint, to allow the paint’s coat to set and then you can apply your green dot with the pad. 

Can I add green dots to the bottom of my project?

Yes, you do. 

Why do green dots work so well on my green ink pad?

Green dots work well on any piece of plastic. 

Green dots can be used on all types of paper including paper towels, paper books, and even cardboard. 

When I use my green dots on my piece of Green Dot Pad, it has the best grip on the paper, so it stays flat, clean, and doesn’t slip. 

Will green dots last forever?

Green Dot pads last for at least two weeks. 

Are there any other things I can do to my green paint?


If your piece is made of a material that is very hard or fragile, it will not last long if you do not wash it. 

My green paint isn’t working.

How long does it take for green paint and paper to set?

Green paint will set after 10-15 minutes of continuous application. 

Does it need to be dry?

No, green paint will not dry.

Green paint is best for creating a clear, clean and flat line on paper, but it can also be used to create a more dramatic, unique look when applied to paper.

It can also serve as a great finishing touch to other pieces of artwork, like the bottom left corner of your art piece. 

What is a green pencil? 

Green pencils are usually made from cardboard.

They are used for drawing, but they can also create a line on any surface.

They look great on a wall or window. 

Where can I find a green Pencil? 

If your green paint is very thin, it can be hard to find a good green pencil.

The best way to find one is to ask a friend or family member. 

 How can I tell if a green painted piece is the right color for my piece? 

When you have your piece painted with green paint or paper, it should look pretty good. 

However, if the green piece is not the same color as the green pencil, it probably isn’t the right one. 

For example, you