What do you think about the Texas green tea?

AUSTIN (AP) Texas is the world’s largest producer of green tea and the largest consumer of tea in the world, but the tea is being increasingly overshadowed by green tea in Western countries.

That’s because green tea is a much more common beverage in countries that produce and consume tea, including China and India.

But a new study released Wednesday by the International Tea Federation (ITF) says it’s time to recognize green tea as an authentic drink.

The study, which looked at more than 2,000 tea products, found that tea consumers in China and other Asian countries consume at least 50 grams of green teas per day, which is significantly more than what Americans consume.

That makes tea consumption in the U.S. the world leader.

The tea industry is seeing the benefits of green market growth.

A study released last year found that the tea industry was expanding globally by 8.7 percent in 2015, up from 3.5 percent a year earlier.

The ITF study said that green tea consumption is growing rapidly in Asia and in countries such as China, where green tea production is soaring.

But it said there are significant challenges ahead.

The world’s second-largest tea producer, India, consumes about 75 grams of tea per day.

It has been expanding its tea production capacity since 2013, and is poised to triple its tea output by 2020, the ITF said.

India has an estimated 3.6 billion people and consumes about 20 billion cups of tea a year.

It produces about 40 percent of the world supply.

It’s not just tea consumption that is increasing, the study said.

Consumption of coffee, coffee creamer, teas and other beverages is also on the rise.


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