The pot of greed

Tom Green is a journalist and a political analyst in the UK, and he has written about globalisation and corruption for a number of years.

He told Al Jazeera that the issue of corruption is the root cause of all the problems in the world today, and that governments should stop “using corruption as a weapon of economic warfare”.

“This is not a question of a lack of corruption, it’s a question about the economic warfare which is being waged against us, against the middle classes, against working people, against women,” he said.

Green added that governments need to stop “misusing” corruption as an excuse to get rich.

“We are now witnessing a sort of populist revolt against the economic power structure that is being used as a tool of power in order to extract more from us, and to enrich themselves.

We should not be used as scapegoats.

We have a right to ask questions, we have a duty to speak out about corruption, and we have the responsibility to resist that power structure,” he argued.

Green said that he believes the government in the United Kingdom, and the UK in general, should stop using corruption as “a weapon of political warfare”.

“The way that the UK is doing this, is by using the power of the purse, to use the powers of the Treasury Department and to take away money from ordinary people who do not have the money to spend on their own,” he explained.

“So I think it is a matter of absolute moral imperative that governments stop misusing corruption to extract even more from ordinary citizens and the poorest people in the country, who are really the ones who are suffering the most from the austerity agenda.”

Green said he believes governments should “focus on the real problem, the real corruption that is destroying the lives of millions of people, not on trying to create a narrative of corruption in order for the government to go to the top of the pyramid.”

“There is a very important lesson to be learned from the example of the UK and the US in the last 40 years, where the politicians have basically taken over the economy.

The government has been in charge of all things from energy to the financial sector.

The economy has become a sort a slave state.

And the government has effectively taken over all the financial services, all the infrastructure, and all the services that you need to survive in a capitalist society,” he noted.

Green, who was also a member of the BBC’s World Service team, also argued that “there are people in Britain, who have been working on the ground for years now, and they have been doing very good work, and I think the real scandal is the fact that the British government has not done enough to stop the money that’s flowing to corrupt politicians.”

“And that’s what’s really appalling about this scandal, that the real scandals are happening in this country,” he added.

Green believes that there is a need to “cleanse” the country of “corruption”, and that it is only when people start to see “the real problems that are happening”, and start to understand that corruption is a “cancer that needs to be removed from our economy, we need to see the real problems before we allow the politicians to get richer and get more power”, he argued, noting that “the UK is not alone in this”.

“In the US, in Germany, in Spain, in Italy, we are seeing a very similar phenomenon, and it is the same thing,” he continued.

“The politicians are taking all of the wealth and the power away from ordinary families.

And so we need a revolution to reclaim our democracy, to reclaim the wealth that we’ve lost and the political power that has been taken away from us.”

Green is also concerned that “too much money is being siphoned off of our economies, because there is too much money in politics, because too much wealth is being taken away.

And that’s why I think we are at a critical moment in time.

And this is why I’m very worried that the world is going to continue to turn into an oligarchy and not a democracy,” he stressed.”

I think that the political system needs to take the lead in terms of cleaning up the economy, because it is going backwards.

And I don’t think that that will happen.”

Green believes “the only way to save democracy is to start by changing the way the politicians think” and the way they think about the economy and the economy needs to “stop being hijacked by the political elites”.

He also believes that the current economic situation, which has been exacerbated by austerity policies and the economic crises caused by it, is a sign that “people are not getting a fair share of the pie.”

“What we are witnessing is a crisis of democracy, and in that crisis of political and economic democracy, people are looking for something that they have had for a long time, and something that is not being delivered, and what is happening is that the rich have been able to take advantage of the system to steal money from people who