How Chloe Green’s new series ‘Green Alien’ will change the way you view the world

Green Alien has just returned to television with the third season of its hit series, which stars Chloe Green.

The series has already found itself in the spotlight, with the show’s lead characters being ridiculed on social media for their green hair and green alien looks.

Read more A new film starring the actress has also taken the spotlight for her role, with Green claiming it will be the first time a female character has appeared on a TV show in Australian history.

Green, who will next appear in the drama The Haunting, said the film would be the “first in a series of films that explore how a female alien can have a relationship with her human counterparts”.

“I wanted to explore a relationship between aliens and humans,” she said.

“We’re living in a society that has very negative attitudes towards aliens.

It’s really interesting to explore that relationship, because it’s so alien and it’s different to anything that we’ve seen in a lot of movies.”

Actors and actresses will be featured in the series.

The first episode of the first season is set to air on March 31.

The actress said it was important for her to explore the relationships between the alien and humans.

“[We’re] very different, so it was really important to explore those,” she told ABC News Breakfast.

In the first episode, the pair will be introduced to one of the aliens who is seen as a friend to them.

Green said she was very excited about the story.

“‘Green Alien’, a new series of episodes that will be released in March, will explore the relationship between the green alien and his human counterpart, and that’s one of my favourite things about the show,” she added.

Green’s Green Alien series has been a hit on Netflix, with more than 10 million viewers watching episodes.

The show follows the Green siblings who are separated from their human parents and live in the wilderness, where they form an alien species.

The show has also spawned a spin-off show called Green Alien: The Haunt, which follows a different alien species that has a similar set of characteristics.

There will be an episode of Green Alien in 2018.

More:Read moreChloe Green’s latest film, Green Alien, will debut on March 25, with a second season expected to follow by 2020.


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