Which banks have the most and least green dots in your account?

You may be forgiven for thinking you’re buying a bank with a green dot on the front, but you may be wrong.

Here’s a look at the 10 most and 10 least green dot banks in Australia.


Bank of America Corp: green dot logo,bank of america,bank,america bank source ABC News (AU) title What are green dots?

source ABC (AU, rel=”nofollow” title Bank of American Corp is getting green dots, too article Bank of Americans has been doing it right this whole time, but it’s about to get a little more attention from the Australian financial markets.

The bank has just started the rollout of a new green dot in the account numbers section.

“The bank’s commitment to sustainability and green building initiatives, and to being a bank that is committed to the health and wellbeing of the community is important to us,” the bank’s chief financial officer John Harkins said.

Bank of America is the latest financial institution to adopt the new green design, which the bank says has been a long time in the making.

Its logo is a nod to the bank, with green dots on the top of the sign, followed by a circle and the word bank.

It is also the first major bank to introduce the green dot design, and is expected to be a significant part of bank branding in Australia, especially for those in rural communities.


ANZ: green dots at top and bottom,anz,an,anx source ABC: ABC News article The Australian financial market is in a bit of a frenzy over ANZ, with banks scrambling to put their green dots to good use.

Anz announced a major new investment in green dot branding on Monday, with the bank taking a cue from the likes of Apple and Google to put its logo on its account numbers.

In an email to staff, Anz CEO Paul Taylor said the bank would be “releasing a new set of ANZ green dot products to our customers as part of a broader effort to reduce COVID-19 activity in our retail and wholesale customers”.

Anzac’s green dot will be a white dot on a grey background.

The bank will also make its green dot easier to see by using a circular logo design that will appear above the bank number.


Commonwealth Bank of Australia: green circle logo,cbc,cbs,cba source ABC title Commonwealth Bank to unveil new green dots article The Commonwealth Bank is expected later this year to introduce a new version of its green dots.

CBS is also set to launch a new line of green dots next year, according to a statement on the bank website.

A logo with a blue outline will be used in a similar manner to the ANZ logo, with a red circle appearing on the bottom.

Although it will not be available in the US, CBA is also planning to introduce green dot designs in Australia next year.


Citigroup Inc: green star,citigroup,cit,bank source ABC article Citigroup will launch a green logo in its accounts section.

It will also include a blue stripe in the centre of the dot to represent the Citigroup logo.


Australian Bankers Association: green,banker,bankers,bankSource ABC: Australian Financial Journal article The ANA is a big proponent of green dotting, and has even introduced a green colour scheme in its account details.

As well as introducing a new logo, the ANA will also introduce new account numbers, according the ANBA.

There is a grey dot in front of the bank logo and a blue circle in the middle of the number.

It is the same colour scheme as ANZ’s account number.


Commonwealth Financial Services Association: blue,fsa,f,fas source ABC Source: ABC (US) article The CFSA is also going green, and in September, announced it would be adding a new red dot to its account number, as well as a blue and green circle.

FSA also announced the introduction of a red dot in its digital accounts section, which will be displayed above the current account numbers on the home page.


Westpac Banking Corporation: red dot,westpac,banksource ABC News title Westpac announces new green and blue dots in its business accounts article The Westpac will launch new red dots to its accounts in 2017, with its logo changing from a green circle to a blue dot.

Westpac has also committed to reducing its carbon footprint and the bank will be working with the NSW government to do so, as part a commitment to make its accounts a more eco-friendly place.


Commonwealth Capital Bank: red dots,cbo,c,bank Source ABC: The Age article The new CBA logo will be the first time a bank has introduced a red colour scheme.

This will be followed by the introduction next


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