What it is: The journey river’s latest news

The journey is coming to the River Green in a big way.

The River Green’s waterway is about to get even more spectacular.

The City of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County have agreed to develop a 2.6-mile stretch of the river for a new, state-of-the-art recreation trail.

It will run from a parking lot at the intersection of the Old Havana Trail to the waterfront, then turn right onto the South River.

The city of Fort Miami will pay for the $25 million, two-year project.

 Why it’s worth it: The project will be the city’s second recreation trail, and the second of its kind in the world.

In the past, the Riverfront Trail ran through the old Havana neighborhood and ended at a dock on the Florida Straits, but that area has now been demolished.

Fort Lauderdale is hoping to avoid the same fate, but it won’t be able to build the trail until 2020.

That means the riverfront will be open in 2020.

The riverfront is just a short walk from the new Riverfront Park and Marina, a large shopping center and entertainment district, and Fort Lauderdale’s first park and park-and-ride area, which opened in February.

The project won’t just benefit the city.

It’s also expected to provide a boon to the surrounding area, by allowing for better access to the area’s beaches, shopping and restaurants.

The new trail will also connect to the existing South River Trail, which will continue on to the South Beach and South Beach Park, a popular tourist destination.

The trail will stretch from the parking lot and parking area at the Old Cuba Trail to a dock at the South Port Street intersection.

(Courtesy: Fort Lauderdale City Council) The South River Corridor The South River corridor will have access to a new bridge that will open in 2019, which also will connect to a previously proposed 2.7-mile park and trail at the old Fort Lauderdale Pier.

That project will include access to Fort Lauderdale beaches, the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center, the Port of Fort Pierce, the Florida International Airport and other important destinations.

What it is to do: The South Riverside Corridor will connect Fort Lauderdale to South Beach, Fort Lauderdale Airport, the Miami International Airport, Fort Pierce International Airport in Miami, Fort Myers International Airport near Fort Myers and the Gulf Coast Trail and Recreation Area.

The South river is one of the most popular rivers in the country, with more than 4,300 miles of it running through Florida.

Why it is worth it?: The Southriver Corridor will be a destination for all kinds of visitors and locals, including tourists, residents and business people.

The stretch of trail is expected to create a pedestrian and bicycle path, as well as a bus stop.

The park and ride area will be connected to a parking and ferry area, and a pedestrian walkway will connect the two sections of the trail.

The trail will extend north and south, with access to restaurants and shops.

“I have a dream, that I can see Fort Lauderdale as a destination, and not just as a beach destination,” said Scott Moore, who was chosen to spearhead the project.

The developers plan to work with the city and other partners to make the project a success.

How it works: The first phase of the project is planned for 2019.

The second phase, in 2020, will start with two new bridges.

The third phase, which would include the entire project, is planned to be completed by 2025.

That’s when the South Riverside Trail will open.

The first section of the Southriver Trail will begin on the South Harborfront, between the South Park and South Harbor Park bridges, and extend west and east.

All of the new bridges will be double-decked, and there will be two parking lots along the river.

The parks and ferry facilities will be located along the South Waterfront.

The walkway from the first bridge to the second will be completed in 2019.

If the project moves forward, the Southwalk Trail will continue to the end of the park and will be accessible by bus.

The North River Corridor will see the completion of the North River Bridge and the completion in 2021 of the two bridges that connect the North Waterfront and North River Park.

This new trail is part of the Riverway project.

(City of Fort Myers) What’s next: The Riverfront Project will include the construction of a parking garage, and additional trail infrastructure.

The bridge that connects the North Bridge Park and Ferry to the North Park and Park will also be built.

The next phase of construction will also include the completion or renovation of several other parks and recreation areas, including a recreation center, an amphitheater, a water park and beach.

The Fort Lauderdale Park District is also expected a partner in the project, but there will not be a permanent connection to the river, according to a release from the City of North Miami.

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