How to use the green dot card in your next exam

You may have heard of the green check-mark on your exam papers.

The green check marks signify that a student is ready to take the exam.

In some exams, the green is the only way to mark the status of a student’s score.

But if you don’t have the green mark, you’ll be asked to use a green curry.

In a green check, a student will need to show that they have the required scores.

If they don’t, the score will be rejected.

If you are looking to use green check cards, be sure to take at least 10 minutes to learn about the benefits of using them.

Before you can use the card, you will need a green note on your card.

The card must be presented to the exam director or exam administrator at the exam site.

You must also bring a green card.

This card is given to the examiner in a separate bag and should be kept in a cool, dry place.

For more information on the green card, visit the Green Card Information page.