How to turn your office into a space where poop is a regular occurrence

When you’re looking for a place to hang out or have a little chat, don’t forget about the poo, a.k.a.

“dark green.”

You might have heard of it before.

It’s an incredibly common sight in offices around the world, according to the British National Archives, and it’s actually actually one of the most common bacteria in office settings.

There are tons of ways to remove the bacteria, and depending on your office environment, you might want to start with an easy-to-clean container like a plastic garbage bag or a large plastic trash can.

For best results, you can start with a clean toilet bowl, and the most basic of cleaning options: wiping with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Here are some tips for cleaning toilets: Cleaning toilets is a bit like cleaning your hands, and a lot of cleaning solutions come in two basic flavors: bleach and detergent.

Both bleach and urine bleach are generally good for cleaning.

Detergent is more expensive, but can remove all traces of germs and bacteria, according a 2012 report by the British Association of Public Health Officers (BAPHO).

It also works well as a disinfectant.

If you’re worried about the odor, you could use a mask, but the odor is not harmful, according the British Journal of Public Hygiene.

Toilet bowls are actually pretty simple.

They have a single hole in the center, with a little bit of space at the bottom.

That’s it.

Just follow these steps to clean the toilet bowl: Remove the bowl from the bowl and then wipe with a wet cloth.

Use a damp, paper towel to wipe the bowl down with.

Place the bowl on a flat surface.

Brush the bowl lightly with a mild detergent to remove any soap or residue.

Apply the detergent again.

Wait 15 minutes to let the detergents set before using again.

Wash with soap and water to remove soap and residue.

If the bowl is very dirty, you may want to wash it with water first, which will also remove any remaining soap residue.

Toilets are also a good place to have a conversation, according an article from The Guardian.

You could have a casual chat about your company, a new book, or even a little fun.

If that’s not a priority for you, though, the toilet is also a great place to relax and get some exercise.

There’s an indoor and outdoor version of the toilet that works for both genders, and there are even two different models that can be installed in different locations.