How to survive the Grease Gun: 10 ways to survive bodhi ransomware

A ransomware-like cyber-attack is causing huge havoc across Australia and threatening thousands of businesses.

Key points:A new ransomware variant called the Bodhi ransomware has hit several Australian businesses and is causing massive disruption to businesses across the countryThe ransomware has also affected other countries around the worldKey points :Ransomware is an evolving threat and it can take many forms.

Malware can take different forms and have different capabilities.

The new ransomware is known as Bodhi and has been around for a long time.

It is the latest in a long line of ransomware attacks on Australian companies.

The ransomware originated in China and the UK and is believed to have originated from a botnet.

It was released into the wild in January, and now there is a lot of concern about the new ransomware threat, and what can be done to protect the Australian public from it.

Malicious cyber criminals use a variety of methods to steal files and steal personal data from people and businesses, as well as businesses.

These include phishing emails, phishing posts and social engineering attacks.

Malaysia’s cyber security agency said it had received reports of around 150 new ransomware infections in the past 24 hours.

“We do not have any information about the origin of the new malware but the cyber criminals behind the new attacks appear to be using a variant of the malware known as ‘bodhi’ which has been circulating in China,” Malaysian National Cyber Security Centre (KCCSC) director of operations Anil Balakrishnan said.

Malys Srinivasan, head of the Australian Cyber Security Alliance, said he had not seen any evidence to indicate the new threat was spreading outside of China.

“I’ve seen no reports of the virus being spread internationally, nor have I seen any reports of Australian customers being affected,” Mr Srinasan said.

“The problem is, we’re seeing this from a number of different countries.”

It’s very hard to know where this particular virus comes from and what the motives are for the attackers to take advantage of this particular malware.

“In a statement, KCCSC said it was working closely with Australian Government agencies and law enforcement agencies to provide support to affected customers and businesses.

It said it would provide updates on its website once it was fully operational.”

In the meantime, KCCCSC will be conducting targeted cyber security and threat assessments to identify new threats that may be emerging in the coming weeks,” the statement said.

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