How Hank Green is going to win over the people who think he’s too liberal

Hank Green will not be winning over the liberal voters he’s trying to court by attacking President Trump, even if they’re white.

Green has spent his entire career attacking President Donald Trump, and the Republican Party.

Green is running for Congress in 2018, but it’s not clear whether he will be able to win an election.

His attacks on Trump have drawn support from Democratic Party members and some progressive organizations, but they haven’t been enough to change the minds of voters.

The Green party is running a TV ad attacking Trump that aired in South Carolina earlier this week.

Green is a long-time critic of Trump.

His website,, describes him as a “true conservative who is the only Democrat who can win the Presidency.”

He was a longtime opponent of President George W. Bush, a frequent critic of President Barack Obama and a vocal critic of Republican Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, the current mayor of Columbia, South Carolina.

Green said in a radio interview in March that he supports “the notion of voting for people that will represent you, not a party, not the candidate.”

In his first press conference since taking office, Green has repeatedly attacked Trump.

In an interview with CNN on Wednesday, he said Trump is “trying to destroy the Constitution” by “demanding a total repeal of the Affordable Care Act.”

Green’s message of economic populism is appealing to people who feel left behind and are worried about the loss of their jobs, Green said.

His message is also appealing to voters who are tired of politicians who don’t stand up to Wall Street and corporate America, Green added.

The Green Party is hoping to capitalize on the anger among white Americans and minorities that Trump has unleashed over the past year and a half.

They’ve been angered by Trump’s use of racial slurs and his criticism of the disabled.

Trump has also threatened to sue a journalist for a story that he wrote about his administration’s ties to Russia.


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