“Crisp Green Eyes” music video from The Green Hornet’s “Glow in the Dark”

The music video for The Green Hose’s “Cristiano, Cristiano” is here!

The band’s latest release, The Greenhornet’s Cristiano, is the first release from The Black Keys and their third studio album, Green Eyes.

The video is a little different than the band’s past music videos.

The band opted to film in the same city as the scene where the film takes place.

The music video features a green-eyed young man playing guitar.

It features some great footage of green eyes, green hair, and other visual elements that have been seen in the film.

It also features the music that accompanies the film in a more organic way.

The video was shot with a Canon Powershot SX200 camera, and we’re told it took around two and a half hours to shoot.

The music videos for The Black Tops, the Green Hornets, and Green Eyes are also available on YouTube.

Check out the video below.

The Green Hornettes are releasing a new album this year, Green Eye, on August 15.